A través de la empresa IT Capital S.A de C.V SOFOM y diversos asociados financieros Nacionales e Internacionales ofrecemos los siguientes productos:
Crédito Simple.
Crédito Prendario.
Crédito Express.
Sale Leasing Back (Reembolso y compra de maquinaria y equipo).
Factoraje a clientes y proveedores Nacionales e Internacionales.
Anticipo de contratos.
Apoyo a desarrolladores urbanos.

RTS Financial provides factoring services, also known as “accounts receivable financing,” to companies in a variety of industries in the United States and abroad. Our factoring solutions allow companies to sell their receivables to meet short-term cash obligations.

Instead of waiting 30 to 90 days for customer payments, your company can sell its invoices to RTS Financial and receive same-day funding. RTS Financial advances as much as 95% of an invoice amount and holds the balance in reserve.
Once we collect the full invoice amount from your customer, we return the reserve balance to you. We keep a small fee for assuming the collection risk.

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